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December 18, 2019
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February 11, 2020

Street Art

I am always looking for new artists I love, not only for clients but for inspiration for myself. One of the many things on my 2020 to-do list is to pick up a paintbrush. I recently fell in love with a few street artists that are using the walls of NYC as their canvas. When we were in Miami this fall I came across Queen Andrea’s work at the Wynwood Art District. She is a NYC-based fine artist, muralist, graffiti artist and typographer, who delivers positive messages through her art around the world. I love her typography style and use of color, and couldn’t resist snapping a photo of myself in front of her “Hello Beautiful?” mural. Prints are available on her website, Super Fresh Design.

Another street artist I discovered while walking the High Line in NYC is Kelsey Montague. You might recognize her (and her sister, as they are a team) for her interactive winged murals that put her on the map. As a lover of all things hearts, the High Line mural below was what really caught my eye. I love her hashtag “What Lifts You” and the interactive element behind her art. Her whimsical, intricate murals can also currently be seen in Miami’s Wynwood District, as well as through out the streets of NYC, and around the world. Make sure to watch her interview from the Today Show. I was so inspired by her story! She too sells prints on her website.

And last but not least (and again – hearts), Hektad is another street artist that can be seen through out NYC. His use of vibrant, eye-catching color and his love drunk hearts can’t help but bring a smile to your face. His message of “I Choose Love” that weaves through his work is just what we as New Yorkers need to be reminded of. Hektad (who also sells prints and paintings) started painting subway cars when he was 12, back when there was very little appreciation for street art. What a long way the medium has come, especially over recent years. Art comes in a many shapes and sizes and I love that we are open-minded and yearning for (!) different mediums and styles now more than ever. New York City can be a tough place so to have these colorful walls of positivity weaving their way through the hectic streets is truly unique and special.


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