Home Office Redo

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May 17, 2020
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May 19, 2020

Home Office Redo

When this craziness began one of the first things I did was redo my home office. It needed to be organized, and since we are all using it for work and homeschool, I decided to try to make better use or the space. After purging, I moved the furniture around and even got rid of a few pieces. I no longer needed the console or trunk/coffee table, and moved the desk to sit in front of the window. I like the view and the natural light is better for all the zooms. : ) I also redid my mood boards and hung a little gallery wall around the boards and window, where my desk now faces. It’s amazing how just a little organizing, new art on the walls, and furniture relocating can make such a big difference. I didn’t even spend a dime.





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