About Bentley Waters

With an architect father and a teacher-by-day/interior designer-by-night mother, Bentley was born with design genes. Her father loved modern design and her mother was very traditional, so it’s no surprise she likes to combine both styles, while keeping things practical for families with growing children. Bentley’s mother redecorated her home every few years in all white and never let anyone but guests sit on the living room sofas, which made no sense to Bentley. Now as a mom of two boys, she understands the need for a beautiful, but durable, home. Bentley designs homes that can be loved and lived in, by casually mixing elements that evoke a warm, yet hip mood. Her favorite elements include clean vibrant colors, graphic patterns, and a sense of play.

Since graduating from art school at Syracuse University, Bentley has enjoyed three different careers. She was an entertainment publicist at DeBeers, ran her own portrait photography business for 13 years, and for the last several years she has been a residential interior designer — the skill she originally pursued in college. Almost 15 years ago, she moved to the suburbs of NYC and has been perfecting her home since. As a full service interior design business, she can not only source furniture, wallpapers and textiles, but also act as your interior designer and assist with project management on your renovation as well. Having recently renovated her own home, and several others throughout her neighborhood, Bentley has come full circle.

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