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Bentley offers a few levels of interior design services that are sure to help you make your home even more special than it already is.
Pricing is dependent upon the scope of your project. Please contact her to discuss.


Accessorizing is one of the final touches a home needs, one that often gets overlooked. To thoughtfully fill and style bookshelves, coffee and side tables, or even walls with beautiful accessories and art can take time. Bentley has a number of resources that help bring your home to life in just a few days. She will inventory what you have on hand that can be used, and curate a selection of art, coffee table books, pottery, pillows, frames, plants, and even bedding if necessary. Styling comes naturally to Bentley. Allow her special touch to enliven any area you have in mind.

Individual Room Makeovers

After living in your home for some time, things can start to look a little worn and outdated. New window treatments, a new wallpaper or fresh paint, and/or reupholstering a few pieces of furniture can bring a room back to life. Bentley can help you transform any space, such as the home office that is being used more than ever these days, or the bedroom for a child who is now a teen and wants a more sophisticated room. She loves to mix the old with the new, and will work closely with you to create a fresh, new feel for any room that needs a little love.

Interior Design

If you have recently moved into a larger home or renovated your existing home, you likely need not only new furniture, but lighting, window treatments, rugs, and more. Bentley will work closely with you to create a budget, design a lighting and furniture plan, choose unique textiles and wallpapers, and ultimately design a stylish home that reflects who you are and how you want to live. Through a series of presentations and meetings, designs will come to life, as you and Bentley collaborate.


Bentley has worked on a variety of residential renovations, partnering with architects and crews to design beautiful homes. And after recently renovating her own home with her own stellar crew, it’s safe to say she knows her way around a renovation. Bentley can help you source all of your trims and finishes, while assisting with project management and acting as your interior designer. She understands how to make the most of your space, providing livable solutions. Bentley specializes in designing homes that are not only practical, but stylish and perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.

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